Well brothers, the groundhog says an early spring. That means we start prepping for things like Road clean-up, ARC fundraising, our new Fish Bake.
Our trip to DC was a success. We had a total of 24 people come out and brave the storm. 11 from a different Christian denomination.
The trip gave several of us the chance to talk about the Knights, and of course the “what do the Knights do” question came up. January’s Knightline provide a great overview of that answer. I posted the article on the bulletin board for viewing. You can view this at www.kofc.org and search for Knightline.
Supreme Knight Carl Anderson has tasked the Knights with becoming more Parish oriented. At the Officers meeting we discussed ways we may be able to accomplish that. As always we are looking for ideas, and people to help incorporate them. If you feel you have something to help the council, don’t hesitate to present it at a meeting. On that note though, a little heads up to me or the DGK would be appreciated.
I hope we can support our blood drive with a large turnout. Giving blood is just another way to help our community.
We are likely going to assist in a multiple council fundraiser in early spring. Details to follow, but we will need volunteers for this. It will be multiple days.


February Grand Knights Message

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