Brothers, sorry late as usual. Spring is here and we are busy. Grounds crew has a lot going on, road clean up and ARC. All of these require only a couple of hours of time at the most, and we could use more help.
A couple quick pleas…if you have not paid your dues please do so. You will be contacted after 30 days have passed since the second notice went out.
The next one, recruit! We are only a couple of new brothers from being able to obtain Star council! If you are aware of a man (young or older) who could benefit from this organization, bring them in.
Lastly, as I mentioned in the meeting, When our Fraternal Benefits advisor reaches out to you, take the phone call, and set a meeting with him. This meeting will provide you additional information about the Knights, as well as the financial benefits of the Knights. Also as I mentioned at the meeting, Insurance with the order is voluntary, if there is nothing the Knights can do for you financially, that is just fine, but at least give our representative the chance to go over what the Knights offer.
Till May

Vivat Jesus

Grand Knights April Message

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