Brothers, to register for Training please go to the PA Knights website,…left side find Training Opportunities, click, available Supreme Training and follow the instructions.

Delta Church Drive
How to Conduct a Membership Delta Church Drive.
Grand Knights and Membership Directors, or anyone interested.

February 4 – 7PM
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Council Growth
Understanding why councils must grow is important to our mission as Knights.
All Council Officers, Membership Directors, or anyone interested.

February 9 – 7pm
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Council Experience
Why members join our Order, how to ensure we meet member’s needs.
All Council Officers, Financial Secretaries, Membership Directors and Online
Membership Directors/Chairman or anyone interested..

February 16 – 7pm
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You are the Programs
As we all know, a council without programs will not succeed. Our councils reputation depends upon our programs. This is what people see. This is what makes us who we are.
All Council Officers, Program Directors, Faith-In-Action Directors, or anyone interested.

February 22 – 7pm
Register for You are the Programs

Please note: This email was sent to all District Deputies, Financial Secretaries, Grand Knights and Deputy Grand Knights. Please share this information with your council members.
District Deputies: please remember that you need to complete 3 Supreme training sessions this year to receive a per diem at the May convention.

Ken Grugel

Ken Grugel
State Deputy

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