Welcome to Spring! It is becoming difficult to find things to write about. May is Mary’s Month…Our Patroness and our Mother. With all the craziness going on in our Country, I can think of no better time to practice our devotion to the Rosary. Pray for our leaders, the Supreme court, and all Christians that they may stand up for traditional Marriage, that the attack on traditional families may come to an end, and that the Christian Majority of this Country stand for the values of their Faith.
Our Retention committee is gearing up to contact many of you. We will be making phone calls or sending emails. The purpose of this is twofold. We would like to check in with all of you to see in general, how you are doing. Second, we need to be sure we have valid contact information for everyone. If you have a preference for how the council should contact you, please let us know.
Early this month we have numerous ways for you to help out. Our Spring Food drive will be underway, we will be handing out collection bags after Masses May 2 & 3, the collection will be the following weekend May 9 & 10, with sorting staring at 8:30 on the 10th. That weekend we also help with the carnations for Mothers Day. ARC collections will be May 7, 8 & 9. Please contact Chuck Mayo or Ron Eluk to assist with this worthy cause.

We will be having a council Picnic on June 6th at the SJN Pavilion starting at 2p.m. Information will be emailed to those with emails and mailed to everyone else. I hope you can stop in with your family and spend some time getting to know your Brother Knights. As you will see, I am trying to keep our Events page updated, and we have a lot going on. I hope to see you at an event.

Growing our numbers helps everyone in the council. Consider asking someone you know to join the Knights. We will be having a 1st degree June 11th. We would need a Form 100 in by the end of May for a candidate to attend this degree. We are quite close to attaining Star Council. We need to recruit 4 members. With your help we can easily achieve this goal! Till next month,

Vivat Jesus

Grand Knights May Message

Upcoming Council Events