I would like to start this month by thanking the Ladies Auxiliary for their support. They have decided to disband. I look forward to the future support of the wives and families of our brother Knights. We realize their support at many of our functions is vital.
There is a lot going on. We are looking for volunteers for many upcoming events. Our ARC fundraiser will be May 7 – 9 at various locations. Please consider giving an hour or two to help us. Chuck Mayo and Ron Eluk are running this event and contact information will be coming out via email soon.
Speaking of email, I hope to be using this site and email more effectively. Emails that come from no-reply@kofc.org are normally generated by either myself or the financial secretary via Supremes website. If you are not receiving these emails and would like to have them, please update your email address with myself or Evan.
We are in need of an individual to run our quarterly newsletter. This would be a great way to be involved with the council on your time. If anyone is interested please let me know .
Give consideration to family and friends that may be interested in becoming a Knight. We are only a couple of new members away from being able to obtain Star Council.
You can expect some future mailings regarding your volunteer time. This is an early notice, however in October or November you can expect a form to help us report our efforts as a council.

Vivat Jesus

Grand Knights April Message

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