As we end our year we look forward to many new beginnings in 2015.  As you see our new Website is up and running.  Many thanks go out to Andy for his help in making this possible.  As normal, the past 6 months have been very busy for us Knights.  So much has gone on, and we have helped so many.  An Official Thank you to all who participated in any event over the past year.  I say it all the time, 1 hour of your time, helps us accomplish a lot.

January will hold the opportunity to rapidly progress through your degrees.  There will be a Second Degree and a Third Degree that month!  I urge any 1st or 2nd degree member to complete your journey to full Knighthood in our Order.  Our council will also be having a 1st degree early in January , so recruit, recruit, recruit and come out to support our new candidates.

Merry Christmas!



Grand Knights Message December 2014

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