Welcome all to the new website!  I hope you find this very user friendly and we will be doing our best to keep it updated.  Since this is my first chance to address you as Grand Knight, let me start be thanking you for placing your trust in me.  Guiding this council through its’ many activities takes not just one person, but a group.  You have surrounded me with many experienced Officers to help along the way.

Our next several months are going to be very busy.  We have pie sales, Keep Christ in Christmas magnet sales, the Bazaar dinner, a road clean up, the giving tree, food drive, meetings and a 1st degree.  I urge everyone to return and view a 1st degree, perhaps reignite the fire that got you started with the Knights.  I hope that many of you will continue your journey and take the 2nd and 3rd degrees at your earliest convenience.

I look forward to meeting as many members as possible throughout the next several year.

Grand Knight Message – November 2014

Upcoming Council Events