Prior to writing this message, I’ve had several days to reflect on the Supreme Courts decisions regarding Marriage equality. It seems to me (should make it clear this is my own personal opinion) that Christianity is fully under attack. A short research can quickly reveal that a plan has been in place now for sometime to remove God and Church from our society. A majority of Americans went easily along with this plan, not realizing what we were being set up for. Sundays were taken away as a family day, by youth sports and other activities, in the name of better developing our children. The double income family, and movement to remove a mother from her home, in the name of equality further decimated the family. Soon, children were left to the TV to raise them, and those in charge gradually incorporated shows that focused on tolerance and acceptance of all beliefs. That there is no wrong. That living for you is the best way. I have witnessed this in my own family, and only recently (the last 15 years or so) begun taking an interest in the goings on of our great country. Our countries leaders (I believe) have over the past 50 years been the steering wheel of change.
I believe that the Supreme Court has indeed set the stage for polygamy, and perhaps other ways of “marriage” that are against the teaching of our Church and Jesus Christ. The persecution of Christians in the name of tolerance will happen. It is time to get to know our faith, time to try our best to live our faith and fully support those who will struggle because of these persecutions. We are not, in this country, fighting for our lives. The persecutions and martyrs in other countries should be an eyeopener for us all. Living our lives according to our faith is difficult, it is much easier to just go along with the crowd. If we don’t begin to stand together, then we will lose together. Our earthly existence is only part of it, if we, as Catholics, support things that go against Gods’ teaching, then we will lose “an eternity with God”.

Vivat Jesus

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